What is the Tally? What is the History of Tally? How many types of accounts in Tally? What is the shortcut key in Tally?

How to create groups in Tally

Group is an important part of Tally. Use these simple steps to create groups in Tally, along with edit, delete any user defined group or sub group also.

Important Shortcut Keys of Tally

There are lot of important shortcut keys of Tally which provide your quick assess to run any command in Tally software and work fast.

How to Create Budget in Tally

With the help of budget in tally you can easily get for-casting of your main expenses which is made in current financial year.

Multi Tax Rate under GST in Tally ERP9

Tally allows you to apply multi tax rate under GST in Tally ERP9. you easily create a single sales tax invoice with multiple GST rates under Tally ERP 9.