How to prepare Pay slip, Payroll report in Tally

In accounting sector each and every accountant need to prepare pay slip, payroll report in Tally or other accounting software on monthly basis. Main important thing if you choose wrong ledger or groups during creating pay heads all entries not shown effect properly at your current accounting. 

So in this guide we are discussing on “How to prepare Pay slip, Payroll report in Tally”. You know very well about the Tally software. At present time Tally is one only most popular accounting cum inventory software that handles the day-to-day all routine operations of any business unit very effectively.

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It is widely accepted by the different accounts for its user-friendly nature. Tally provides different accounting and inventory features that allow any user to maintain his company accounts effectively. After reading this article you will be able to prepare your pay slip and payroll report in Tally software.

So, today we talk about how to prepare Payslip of each employee using Payroll facility in the Tally software. Payroll is an important part of Tally software from which you can easily maintain salary detail of all employees with different pay heads, contact detail or other related detail which is used in the payroll accounting. It is easy way to calculate Employee salary after adding of  DA, TA, HRA or deducting the PF, ESI and other heads. So have look…

Easily Prepare Pay slip and Payroll report in Tally

Press F11 (Company Feature)  > Accounting Features (F1) > Set both given options “Yes”

Maintain Payroll  >Yes
More than one Payroll / Cost Category > Yes
Now Save the information.

If you Want to maintain Employee Contact detail, Passport & visa detail then you have to Press F12 (Configuration)-> Payroll Configuration -> here Some option to related to employee. According to company you turn on and off the options.

GOT – > Payroll Info –> Unit –> Create –>
Normally Two types of unit creation in case of payroll.
A.   Simple unit – e.g. Month, days, hour etc.
B.    Compound Units – Combination of two simple units. E.g.
Month – of ……Days (Give the total days of working)
Days  –  of ……..Hour (Give the total working hour in a day).

GOT –> Payroll Info –> Attendance / Production Type –> Create.
e.g.  Casual leave  –  Attendance/ leave with pay
Absent           –   Leave Without pay.
Overtime      –    Production.

(A)         Basic salary
Pay head type     – Earning for employee.
Under                         – Indirect expenses
Appear in pay slip- yes
Name of appear in pay slip – According to you.
Used For gratuity  – If you want to maintain gratuity then yes other wise no. always remember this feature only yes for employee earning total.
Calculate Type – select Flat rate or user defines value (normally).

(B)          DA
Calculate Type – select As Computed value (da is normally calculate on basic of employee.

(C)         Same Create HRA or other earning total.

(D)         PF
Pay head type – Deduction from employees.
Under – Current liabilities
Used For gratuity – No (It just yes on earning total).
Calculate Type – According to company.

(E)          ABSENT
Pay head type – deduction from employees.
Under – current assets
(Select here attendance type with calculate period. E.g. Days)

(F)          OVERTIME
Pay head type – earning for employee
Under – indirect expenses
(Select here overtime type)
(G)         Gratuity (If you want to maintain)
Pay head Type – Gratuity
(Fill the Gratuity day according to Income tax act)
Under – current liabilities.

GOT – > Payroll info –>  Employee group –> Create . e.g. Accounts dept.

GOT –> Payroll Info –> Employee –> Create
(Select here to group which belong employee)

GOT –> Payroll Info –> Salary Detail –> Create
NOTE – If you create salary for a particular group then all the employee who is working under the group apply group salary detail.
But if you want to fill up fresh salary detail then select employee & fill up the detail under Start a fresh.

Name Of voucher – Anything which you want
Type of voucher – Payroll –
Name of class – which you want
Select here Cash Or Bank a/c if you directly pay the salary without due. But if you want to pass out due first then select salary payable Pay head, (Not Applicable Category).

GO in the vouchers –> Press Ctrl + F5 (Fill the attendance of employee)

Go in the vouchers –> press CTRL + F4 (Select salary payable voucher type. Again Press ALT + A (For calculate salary Automatic).

10. TO VIEW OR PRINT REPORT –> GOT –> Display –> Payroll Report –> Statement of Payroll – >Pay slip (Or see the other report).

NOTE – If you are selecting salary payable pay head in creation of voucher type then one more entry to pass in payment voucher.

Salary payable a/c……………Dr
To cash/Bank

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I hope you like this Payroll report in Tally guide from which you will be able to easily use Payroll report in Tally without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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