How to set voucher number manually in Tally ERP 9

All we know very well voucher numbering is too much important in Tally ERP 9 accounting cum inventory software. When you want to make any invoice in sales voucher, voucher numbering is automatically shown in Tally ERP 9. But, some person like to set voucher number manually in Tally ERP 9.

By default voucher numbering is set on Automatic, when you make any entry in sales voucher numbers are automatically updated. During making an invoice voucher numbering are automatically shown on Tally.ERP 9.

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How to set voucher number manually in Tally ERP 9

Voucher numbering is shown during making an invoice in Tally.ERP9. By default automatic voucher numbering is shown in active company in Tally.ERP. When you make any entry in the sales voucher during preparing any invoice voucher number automatically shown in the active company of Tally. ERP 9. But, sometime you need to set voucher number manually in active company of Tally ERP 9.

Step 1: Open an existing company in Tally.ERP 9.

How to set voucher number manually in Tally ERP 9

Step 2: Click on the GOT (Gateway of Tally > Click on he Accounts Info. > Click on the Voucher Types > Select and click on the “Alter” option.

Step 3: Select Sales vouchers in the list of vouchers. By default “Automatic” voucher numbers method is set active company. Now if you want to set voucher numbering manually then you have to set “Method of voucher numbering – Manual” option. If you don’t want duplicate numbers then you just have to set “Prevent duplicates -Yes“.

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Step 4: Now, save this voucher by pressing enter key multiple time. You can also press Ctrl+A Tally Shortcut key to immediately save and close the active window. Make entry in the sales voucher from GOT (Gateway of Tally) > Accounting Vouchers > Press F8 or click on the “Sales voucher“. Now you have to feed voucher numbers every time during making entry in the sales voucher in active company.

I hope this guide useful for all those guys who want to set voucher number manually in Tally ERP 9. If you have any query regarding this guide then please write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.


  1. Hi ,
    I have set automcatically from 1.1.2018 yearly basis series 1001. but suddenly from 1st oct it begins from starting. Till 30 sept 2018 we have created 275 vouchers means last number 1275
    then on 1st october it showing 1001 again. same happened with sales and delivery note numbers.
    can you advise me on this. so that we can rectify.

  2. Hi,i am using the tally erp-9, , so i want to know it that suppose, once i set the manual option for voucher no. and i entered the manual vouchers for march to july, but in august i want to set the automatic option, then what happened ? for example march to july’s no. is 1 to 150 , now in august, will continue the 151 no. in tally 9 ?

    And when i change the option form manual to automatic & automatic my old manual no. is lost ? or can i restore from auto to manual ?

  3. I posted one JV on 5.1.2018 the JV number is 25, now i want to enter the next JV dated 3.1.2018 but my old entries number should not get altered is there any option in tally for that.

  4. i just want to change one voucher number in tally and then want other vouchers to set on auto numbering how to do?

  5. I have change to Manual voucher numbering but I cannot change “Prevent duplicates -Yes“. please advise.

    1. Dear Kunder,

      First You have to uninstall the Tally software from your system. Now, install latest version of Tally ERP on your system after that your problem will be solved.

      Thanks for writing… keep in touch…

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