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How to use Reversing Journal Voucher in Tally

Dear Friends, Today we talk about Reversing Journal Voucher in Tally, this is one of the most important accounting feature of Tally. Reversing Journal voucher are special journals vouchers that are automatically reversed after the specified date. You can use Reversing Journal voucher to quickly rectifying any wrong entry in tally software.

As you know very well that Tally is an important accounting cum inventory software. You can easily use different kind of accounts, inventory features along with taxation part. You can quickly prepare different employees payslips, attendance sheet and many more in the payroll report. Tally is an important software which is widely used in different countries due to its user friendly features.

It is also called non-accounting voucher in tally that means there is no accounting effect is made in current accounting when you making any entry in this voucher. To activate non accounting vouchers (Memo & Reverse Journal Vouchers) in tally take the following steps:

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How to active Reversing Journal Voucher in Tally:

Reversing Journal voucher in Tally is non accounting voucher means if you make any entry in this type of voucher there is no effect on your current accounting.

Step 1: Press F11> F1> Use Reverse Journal & Optional Voucher: Set this option “Yes”, now save this window.

Step 2: GOT (Gateway of Tally) > Accounting Voucher > Press F10, you have to activate this voucher.

Dr       Salary                            a/c     10000
Cr.      Provision for Salary     a/c    10000

To view report of non accounting voucher entry:
GOT >>> Display >>> Exception Report >>> Reversing Journal or Memorandum

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I hope after reading this guide you can easily understand how to use reversing journal voucher in Tally. There is no need to use any extra effort to known about the reversing Journal voucher in Tally. If you have any query regarding this guide then please let me know via comment box. Thanks to all.

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