How to use Reversing Journal and Optional Vouchers in Tally

Reversing Journal and Optional vouchers in tally accounting software play an important role during current accounting. These types of vouchers is used to pass out a rectify entry which does not affected of any final accounts.

In this article we have to talk about how to use Reversing Journal and Optional Vouchers in Tally. These type vouchers are non-accounting vouchers. That means if you are doing any type of entries in these type of voucher will not affected on current accounting of active company like balance sheet or any other final accounts.

Tally provides different accounting and inventory features that allow any user to maintain his company accounts effectively. After reading this article you will be able to easily use reversing journal and optional vouchers in Tally.

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You know very well about the Tally software. At present time Tally is one only most popular accounting cum inventory software that handles the day to day all routine operations of any business unit very effectively. It is widely accepted by the different accounts for its user friendly nature.

How to use Reversing Journal and Optional Vouchers in Tally:

If you want to make any entry in these voucher then you have to press F11 (Company Features) function key > the press F1 function key to open Accounting Features > Use reversing Journal & Optional Vouchers – set this option “Yes”.

After applicable of this feature some non-accounting voucher are activate.

1.    Memorandum (Ctrl + F10) – This voucher is use to pass entry just for memo. It is not affected of any final accounts.

2.    Reversing journal (F10) – To pass out rectify entry use reversing journal voucher. It is not affected of any final accounts.

3.    Optional (Ctrl + L) – Optional is not a separate voucher , but is you press this key combination of any accounting voucher then that voucher is not affect in balance sheet or any final accounts.

The all of above voucher is not affecting of your final a/c, but if you want to see the actual balance sheet with variance of these voucher then create scenario.

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  1. 1. if we passed rectified entry, it will affect to that particular a/c or it will change the actual bal. of a/c and indirectly its automatically affect the final books of a/c or not ?

    2. Reversing journal is just for reporting purpose as we want to show or display, then what was the use of corrected entry passed for rectification if it is time being …….

    3. In Tally, Reversing journal feature is like digital dairy just like Memo voucher , and if memo voucher is there for personal dairy then why duplicate feature introduced just for Accrual Income but this also done by memo voucher….?

    awaiting for your reply.


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