How many Voucher Types in Tally

There are many voucher types during posting an entry in any accounting software. So we need to know how many voucher types in Tally.  Without knowledge of voucher types we are not able to post an entry in correct voucher type, which reflect on our accounting. 

You know very well that Tally is accounting cum inventory software which provide different accounts, inventory features which different taxation part. At present time Tally is used out of 100 countries due to its user friendly nature. You can also prepare payslips, attendance sheet and many more in the payroll report.

Tally is widely used in different countries due to its user friendly features. After reading this article you will be able to understand how many voucher types in Tally.

Voucher Types in Tally:

There are 18 vouchers already created in Tally software, which is divided into two parts:
1. Accounting Vouchers
2. Inventory Vouchers

Accounting Vouchers:

There are 10 accounting vouchers already created in Tally software. You can create, delete or modify other vouchers as per your requirement.

Inventory Vouchers:

There are by default 8 inventory vouchers are automatically created in Tally software. You can create, delete or modify other vouchers as per your requirement. You can create, display, alter or delete any voucher as per requirement in tally from Got (Gateway of Tally) -> Accounts Info / Inventory Info -> Voucher Types

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Accounting Voucher:

All entries which you made in these given accounting vouchers is effect on your current accounting of your business.

F4: Contra-> Used for cash and bank entries and also fund transfer from one bank to another.

F5: Payment ->Used for expenditure and payment to parties by cheque or cash.

F6: Receipt -> Used for income and received amount from the parties by cheque and cash.

F7: Journal -> Used for adjustable and transferable entries.

F8: Sales -> Used for sales entries and income

F9: Purchases ->Used for purchased entry and expenses.

Ctrl+F8: Credit Note -> Used for sales return entries.

Ctrl+F9: Debit Note-> Used for purchases return entries.

F10: Reverse Journal: Used for rectifying any wrong entries. (Non Accounting Voucher)

Ctrl+F10: Memo (Memorandum): Used for memorize any entry in tally. ( Non-Accounting Voucher)

Inventory Vouchers:

These vouchers are effect on inventory reports in the business. All entries which you made in these inventory vouchers are effect on your stock register.

ALT+F4: Purchases Order Voucher: Used to give purchases order to party.

ALT+F5: Sales Order Voucher: Used to received sales order from customer.

ALT+F9: Receipt Note Voucher: Used for recording goods received.

ALT+F8: Delivery Note: Used for recording goods delivered to a customer.

ALT+F6: Rejections Out: Used for records goods that are rejected and returned to a supplier.

CTRL+F6: Rejections In: Used to record goods that are rejected and returned back by the customer.

ALT+F7: Stock Journal Voucher: Used to record stock transfers from one location to another

Alt+F10: Physical Stock: Used for recording actual stock physically verified or counted

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I hope you like this Voucher Types in Tally guide from which you will be able to easily know about Voucher Types in Tally without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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