How to File Online VAT Return in Rajasthan

Dear Friends, at present time each person who is running his business face problem to deposit his tax. There are two modes to deposit tax either manual or electronic. Manual process takes lot of time but in that case of online process you will be able to deposit your tax easily and quickly either from your office, home or at any other place. So, today we have to discuss how to file online vat return in Rajasthan state.

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So, today we talk about how to file online E-Return of Vat in Rajasthan state. Before using this facility first we have to known why we are using e-filling facility? Now the answer of this question is submitting your tax return information by e-file. E-file is faster, safer, and generally more convenient than paper filing. Filing on paper is generally cheaper, and refunds take longer.

Benefits of online vat return E-Filling:

Electronically submitting your tax return to the IRS is faster, more convenient, and more secure than paper filing. But in order to e-file your return you have to submit your taxes which is done by a tax prepare, prepare them yourself using tax software, or use one of the “Free File” web software programs.

Filing Procedure:

1. Open the web site :-

2. Sign up on the web portal by providing your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and other registration details.

3. Download the necessary Java Run time Environment (JRE) component required for functioning of the digital signature system.

4. Go to e-services home page and map your digital signature certificate using the icon provided – this is a onetime activity.

5. For filing of vat e-returns for the period before Financial Year 2012-13 ( till 31st Mar), click on VAT e-Return/CST e-Return links for VAT & CST return filing respectively from the e-services home page.

6. For filing of vat e-returns for the Return Period Financial Year 2012-13 on-wards (from 1st Apr 2012), select e-Returns (VAT) link from the e-services home page. As VAT & CST forms have been merged and dealer would need to file a single composite return only.

7. Download the templates of VAT (Quarterly – VAT-10, Annual – VAT-11, VAT-10 A) / CST returns available on the web portal and prepare your returns using these formats only.
It is mandatory that your vat returns are prepared in these prescribed formats only to be able to carry out e-filing.

8. Sign one document at a time starting from VAT-10; thereafter upload and submit each signed document. If there are any errors, correct them and re-sign and upload.

9. Complete the above step for each attachment for VAT Quarterly Return (VAT-07, VAT-08, etc.) / CST return.

10. Once all the documents are uploaded for VAT and CST for the period before Financial Year 2012-13, you would get the separate acknowledgement receipts which can then be printed.

11. Once all documents are uploaded for VAT and CST for the Return period Financial Year 2012-13 on-wards, you would get the combined acknowledgement receipt for VAT & CST composite return which can then be printed.

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I hope you like this online vat return post. Give your important suggestions in comment box regarding this post and share your knowledge with your friends, colleague, family members and others. Thanks.


  1. actually i have vat payable in the 4th quarter (march) and but vat receivable in the 1st qtrs then can we file vat return in the state of Rajashthan without vat payment for the m/o March 2017 ????????????
    pls advice

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