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What is VAT and Rajasthan Vat Forms

Dear Friends, Today we discussed on VAT and Rajasthan Vat Forms.  You know very well about the Tally software. At present time Tally is one only most popular accounting cum inventory software that handles the day to day all routine operations of any business unit very effectively. It is widely accepted by the different accounts for its user friendly nature.

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Tally provides different accounting and inventory features that allow any user to maintain his company accounts effectively. After reading this article you will be understand about the Vat and Rajasthan Vat Forms.

Vat and Rajasthan Vat Forms:

Introduction of Vat:

Vat stands for value added tax. It is an indirect tax which is launch by the Indian taxation system from 1st April 2005 at the place of General Sales Tax. Haryana is the first State in the India, in which vat is applicable from 1st April 2003. Vat is applicable in all other states of India from  2nd June 2014. Vat is a multi-point tax. When you purchases or sold any goods within the state you have to pay or charge vat amount from or to party.Vat Input: When you purchases any goods and paid vat tax this is called input vat, which is always refundable.

Vat Output: When you sold any goods and charge vat tax from the customer this is called output vat, which is always payable.

Vat Computation: If output vat is greater then input vat then difference amount will be vat payable, but if input vat is greater then output vat then difference amount will be vat refundable, which is adjusted in next month.

List of VAT and Rajasthan Vat Forms:

Vat FormsDescription
Form VAT-01Application For Registration
Form VAT-01BAffidavit for obtaining e-Registration
Form VAT-02Declaration of Business Manager
Form VAT-03Registration Certificate
Form VAT-04Application for issue of duplicate registration Certificate
Form VAT-05Application for amendment in the registration certificate
Form VAT-06Application for insurance of branch certificate
Form VAT-06AApplication for closure of Business
Form VAT-06BApplication for opting for payment of tax u/s 3 (2)
Form VAT-06CApplication for opting out from payment of tax u/s 3 (2)
Form VAT-06DApplication for option to pay tax at full rate on the MRP
Form VAT-07Purchase Register/Statement of Purchases against VAT invoices
Form VAT-07ASummary Statement of Purchase against VAT invoices
Form VAT-08Sales Register
Form VAT-08ASummary Statement of Sales against VAT invoices
Form VAT-09Statement of sales against VAT Invoices to VAT dealers other than
Form VAT-10Quarterly Return
Form VAT-10AAnnual Return for Quarterly Dealers
Form VAT-11Annual Return for Yearly Dealers
Form VAT-13Information of Branch Turnover
Form VAT-14Notice
Form VAT-15Declaration of purchases within the State for Export
Form VAT-17Notice for payment of Demand
Form VAT-18Application for Stay of Recovery of Demand
Form VAT-19Application for Grant of Installments
Form VAT-20Application for refund
Form VAT-21Application for refund by Exporters
Form VAT-22Application for refund by a Person or Unregistered Dealer
Form VAT-23Refund Order
Form VAT-23AOrder for Electronic Refund
Form VAT-23BForm for refund of amount to be reimbursed electronically by the Bank
Form VAT-24Advice of refund of VAT
Form VAT-25Refund Adjustment Order
Form VAT-26Certificate of Chartered Accountant
Form VAT-27Memorandum for Appeal to Appellate Authority
Form VAT-28Application for Condonation of delay
Form VAT-29Appeal to Tax Board
Form VAT-30Memorandum of cross objections to the Tax Board
Form VAT-31Application for Revision to the High Court U/s 84 of the VAT Act,2003
Form VAT-32Application for Restoration of Appeal
Form VAT-33Stock Register of Raw Materials for Manufacturers
Form VAT-34Stock Register of Finished Goods
Form VAT-35Dispatch Note from Principal to Agent
Form VAT-36Certificate of the sale proceeds by the Commission Agent to the
Form VAT-37Challan
Form VAT-38Receipt for deposit of Tax/Demand/Other Sum
Form VAT-39Receipt for cash deposit of Tax
Form VAT-40Particulars of Work Contract to be furnished by the Awarder
Form VAT-40AAwarder Identification Certificate
Form VAT-40BApplication for cancellation /issue of duplicate certificate/
amendment of Awarder Identification Certificate
Form VAT-40CApplication for issuance of No Tax Deduction Certificate
Form VAT-40DNo Tax Deduction Certificate
Form VAT-40EStatement of works contracts and tax deducted to be furnished by the
Form VAT-41Certificate of deduction at source by awarder
Form VAT-42Details of tax deduction & deposits
Form VAT-43Application By a person who carries business temporarily for a period
not exceeding 120 days in a year
Form VAT-44Statement of  collection and
Form VAT-45Statement of verification of periodical collection
Form VAT-45AStatement of verification of periodical collection [Substituted
w.e.f. 01 April 2011]
Form VAT-46Seizure Memo
Form VAT-47Declaration for Imports by Registered Dealers
Form VAT-47ADeclaration for Imports by Registered Dealers(Electronically
Form VAT-48Statement of used Form VAT-47
Form VAT-49Declaration for carrying goods outside the State by Registered
Form VAT-49ADeclaration for carrying goods outside the State by Registered
dealers(Electronically Generated)
Form VAT-50Statement of used form VAT-49
Form VAT-51Application-cum-transit pass
Form VAT-52Receipt of the goods seized while in movement
Form VAT-53Application for enrollment as tax practitioner
Form VAT-54Register of persons enrolled as tax practitioners
Form VAT-55Enrollment Certificate for Tax Practitioner
Form VAT-56Application for settlement
Form VAT-57Application for rectification of mistake
Form VAT-58Application for re-opening of ex-parte assessment
Form VAT-59Application for determination of disputed question
Form VAT-60Application for composition of offence under sub section (1) of
section 68
Form VAT-61Application for Registration Certificate by clearing or forwarding
agent [Deleted w.e.f. 01 April 2011]
Form VAT-62Registration Certificate for clearing or forwarding agent [Deleted
w.e.f. 01 April 2011]
Form VAT-63Monthly statement submitted by clearing or forwarding agent
Form VAT-63Monthly statement submitted by clearing or forwarding agent
[Substituted w.e.f. 01 April 2011]
Form VAT-64Surety Bond
Form VAT-65Indemnity Bond
Form VAT-66Application for disclosure of information relating to a dealer
Form VAT-67Tax Clearance Certificate
Form VAT-69Application for permission to pay tax in lump sum
Form VAT-70Certificate for payment of tax in lump sum
Form VAT-71Application for opt out from the option for payment of tax in lump
Form of Closing StockGovernment of Rajasthan commercial taxes department

I hope you like this VAT and Rajasthan Vat Forms post from which you will be able to easily understand VAT and Rajasthan Vat Forms without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

10 response on “What is VAT and Rajasthan Vat Forms

  1. karnavat stones

    We sales our goods out of India we use vat 15 form for purchase goods pl tel us that after gst we can use this form or not for purchase goods

  2. Rajesh jhawar

    Dear sir
    Please solve my issue
    Seller party x is from Rajasthan
    Buyer party y is from Rajasthan
    X party sells good to y party against vat 15 form.
    Y party is exporter and takes delivery of goods at Mundra port
    Please let us know can x party get issued form vat 49 as both registered delaer are from Rajasthan.

  3. narendra gupta

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell me how to cancel online filled vat 49 form of rajasthan.
    by mistake i filled details wrong in vat 49 form please tell me how to modify or cancel the details as i had sumitted the vat 49.

  4. Sunil Sharma

    Dear Sir I want to know the difference between the use of Vat 47 Form and Vat 49 Form in respect to Rajasthan sales tax, and the use of each form.

    1. aamir

      vat 47 is issue by purchaser to seller while making purchase from other state while
      vat 49 is used when you sell goods to other state purchaser

    2. Amit Sharma Post author

      Dear Sunil,

      Thanks for writing..
      VAT-47 form is used for declaration for Imports by Registered Dealers while Vat 49 form is used for declaration for carrying goods outside the State by Registered dealers.

      If you want to know more about the rajasthan vat forms then visit on given link:


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