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12 Important Facts about GST – Goods and Service Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the country’s largest tax reform since Independence. GST Apply same tax law to the whole country. There are lot of important facts about GST taxation system. the Government has to apply a single taxation system in entire country for all goods and services. After the GST implemented Excise duty, Service tax, Additional custom duty, Special Additional Custom duty, VAT, Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, Entertainment tax, luxury tax, Counter veiling duty etc taxes will be end. Read More

How can I identify fake GST bill and GST number ?

Most of the person complain about the fake GST bill which issued by the few shop keepers, restaurant and other places. All we know very well that GST is applicable in India and only registered shop keeper charge the GST amount from customer only. There are lot of person still confuse about charge the GST. Lot of person take advantage of this confusion and they charge GST amount from customer and also mention them on hardcopy. Read More

Do Not Wait Till Last Date To File GST Returns

As per the latest new the government try to explain to all the businesses that they not to wait till the last day to file GST returns. Still 11 lakh still not yet to completed his registration process. Only Fifty percent registered taxpayers have to paid his taxes on till date. Read More

GST Composition Scheme Obtain increase till 16 Aug

As per the latest new from Finance Department under the GST system, the government has extended the deadline to adopt the GST Composition Scheme increase till 16 Aug 2017 for his taxpayers. It’s a relay good news for all those business person who want to adopt GST Composition scheme for his business. All we know very well under the composition scheme taxpayer has to pay his tax liability single time with in a year. Read More

How to apply for New GST Registration in India

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive tax which is levied on the supply of goods and services across the India. GST “One India, One Tax” is ready to roll-out in India from 1st July 2017. In this guide we have to discuss how to apply for New GST Registration. Read More

What is the GST and benefit of GST

At this time most of the person want to know about the GST. First we need to know What is the GST and benefit of GST? The answer of this query is Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax. GST is applicable on different services and goods. Where GST is no applicable the tax levied on different goods and services separately. Read More