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How to use Journal Voucher in Tally

Dear Friends, you know very well that Tally is accounting cum inventory software which provide different accounts, inventory features which different taxation part. At present time Tally is used out of 100 countries due to its user friendly nature.You can also prepare payslips, attendance sheet and many more in the payroll report. Tally is widely used in different countries due to its user friendly features. After reading this article you will be able to use Journal voucher in Tally. Read More

How to use Sales Voucher in Tally

Sales Vouchers is used when you have to sell some goods to a customer or any party and now you want to issue an invoice to them in your business. In this article we have to discuss how to use sales voucher in tally accounting software. Read More

How to use Purchase Voucher in Tally

Purchases Voucher is an another important part of any accounting software. With the help of Purchases voucher you can make all entries which is related to credit and cash purchases in tally or any other accounting software. Read More

How to use Receipt Voucher in Tally

Receipt voucher in Tally play an important role during maintain accounting. With the help of receipt voucher you can easily receive any income or cash/chque/dd from any party. You can also make cash sales entries through this voucher. Read More

How to use Contra Voucher in Tally

Contra voucher is an important accounting voucher. Contra voucher allows you to make an entry which is related to cash and bank both. Like Cash deposited into your bank account, Cash withdrawals from your bank account either from Cheque / DD / ATM or any other media and also you can make entry to transfer amount from one bank account to another bank account using this voucher. Read More

How many Voucher Types in Tally

There are many voucher types during posting an entry in any accounting software. So we need to know how many voucher types in Tally.  Without knowledge of voucher types we are not able to post an entry in correct voucher type, which reflect on our accounting.  Read More