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How to use Journal Voucher in Tally

Journal Voucher in Tally is used to make all adjustment entries as well as you can make credit purchases or sold any fixed assets entries by F7 key.

How to use Sales Voucher in Tally

With the help of sales voucher in Tally you can make any cash or credit sales of any stock items entries in tally in easiest way.

How to use Purchase Voucher in Tally

Purchase voucher in Tally is used to make all credit purchases goods entries apart that you can also make cash purchases entries from this voucher in Tally

How to use Receipt Voucher in Tally

Receipt Voucher in Tally used to receive Cash or Cheque or DD against any credit sales from customer or you can also use for received any income entries.

How to use Contra Voucher in Tally

Contra Voucher in Tally is used to deposited cash into bank, withdrawal cash from bank and also transfer fund from one bank account to another bank account.

How many Voucher Types in Tally

There are two Voucher Types in Tally – Accounting and Inventory. Accounting vouchers effect on current accounting while Inventory vouchers effect on stock.